Gorgeous, powerful, and at the same time simple movement that will allow you to build muscle mass and dramatically increase the strength. When executed, operate the muscles of the whole body, and the load on them is extremely high. No other exercise is not able to provide the same incentive for increased strength and volume (except squats with a barbell, of course). Competitive exercise in powerlifting, it is one of the three major, both beginners and experienced athletes, along with bench press and squats. Can you not make the traction unit to the abdomen or back, but to exclude from their complex deadlift is a serious mistake (especially for beginners).

The main working muscles barbell deadlift: the quadriceps and hamstrings, polusharnirnye, paliperidonesee muscles, the long extensors of the back and other muscles of the lower back, the latissimus, rhomboid muscles, the trapezius muscle, the deltoid, forearm, & Deadlift Tagaytay hands.

Auxiliary muscles barbell deadlift: almost 90% of all muscles of the body.

Options: the most common is the classic deadlift, the Griffon is taken grip slightly wider than the knees. There is another option – “sumo”, grip neck are much narrower, knees apart to the sides. And, finally, a possible variation of thrust with straight legs, in this case, the main burden falls on the hamstring and lower back.

Before the exercise, wear non-slip shoes, in which your foot tight enough “sitting”. Be sure to use barbell belt, gloves or wrist straps.

Consider the classic version of barbell deadlift:

Go to the bar, attach the fingers on the fretboard wrist straps, foot put at the distance of half a meter from each other. Grip – top, “the castle”, the distance between the brush on the neck of 60-70 see Squat in front of a barbell so that its neck touched the front surface of the legs, straighten your back. Get ready for some hard work… And gently lift the barbell from the platform, initially involving the muscle strength of the legs, and then back. Lift the weight to the waist, at the same time straightening your knees, little cave back in the back and clamp the rod in the lowered hands. Back you all the time to keep straight. After a pause, repeat all the steps in reverse order: “holding” back, slowly, mainly due to the flexion of the leg at the knee and hip joints, return to the starting position. As regards the implementation of repetitions in the exercise: you can drop the barbell on the floor, and after a short rest again cravings, or to lower it to the level of his knees, and, without putting on the floor, to perform the next repetition. The second option is usually performed with lighter weight, a relatively large number of times.

Attention: exercise; therefore, active warm-up before training, do not do it on “cold” muscles. Use a belt and wrist straps. Never chase weights, first learn safe techniques.