Barbell full squat are one of the best exercises to develop strength in the leg muscles and making them huge amounts. But it is wrong to believe that squats are solely aimed at the elaboration of the hips. This is the basic movement involves more than half of the muscles of the whole body, including legs, back muscles, the press – in order to keep on the back of the bar, the weight of which sometimes passes for a half hundredweight, you must have a very strong and developed “a muscular corset”, which will prevent injury to the lower back.

The main barbell full squat working muscles: quadriceps femoris, gluteus muscles, the hamstrings.

Auxiliary: the muscles of the back, waist, and abdomen.

You will need: belt, comfortable shoes with non-slip sole, and elastic bandages, if you have weak knees, or in the past has happened to their injuries.

Options: put the barbell on the shoulders, so that her neck was at the level of trapezius and rear beams deltas – this option is considered a classic for bodybuilding, because the work of the quadriceps here are more isolated, but there is great stress on the lower back.

If you slide the barbell below, level with the middle of the blades, the load on the spine will be significantly reduced, but the degree of isolation of the work of the quadriceps will also fall, in the exercise will include the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the back of the thigh. You can perform squats with a barbell, positioning her on his chest, the so-called “front” squats, isolation work the quadriceps muscles will be maximum.

Technique: put the barbell on the rack so that its neck was slightly below the clavicles, “podsada” under her legs bent at the knees, the hands grasp the Griffon, forearms and hold parallel to the racks. Feet wide apart, put socks apart. Prices in the neck back on the level of the trapezius muscles or shoulder blades, as you prefer, so you take the right initial position.

Inhale, and lift the barbell from the racks. Take a small step back, stop, and begin to slowly bend the knees and hips, keeping the correct posture. In order to avoid rounding the back look or straight ahead or slightly up. Stoop to until the angle between the femur and tibia will not be a direct, lower down is not recommended, because the work will connect the gluteal muscles and the knee in this position is very unstable. From the lower point of the climb up the extension in the knee joints due to the powerful contraction of the muscles of the legs. Exhale do during lifting with a barbell, inhale during the lowering. This breathing mode will prevent sudden drops in blood pressure, reduce the risk of vascular complications, especially in athletes aged.