Alternating deltoid raise load average beams deltoids, and they are responsible for the visual width of the shoulders is the most basic, which makes the figure of sports and athletic. This exercise relates to the isolation, and form a relief and a clear “cut” paths of beams of the deltoid muscle.

The main working muscles: middle beams deltoids, supraspinatus muscle.

Muscles assistants: trapezius muscle, anterior serratus.

Technique: stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, grasping a dumbbell in hand, but do not push them to the hips, and lower down, holding in front of himself bent at a slight angle hands. Hands slightly premirovany (turned inward). From this position, deep breath, the force of the deltoid muscles begin to lift the dumbbells up simultaneously with both hands. Hands move gently through the sides in the plane of the body. Lifting the dumbbells up to shoulder level or slightly higher, exhale, take a little pause, during which try to feel the muscle tension, slowly lower the arm to its original position, and again, without stopping, do the following recurrence. Perform 10-12 repetitions.

Recommendations for alternating deltoid raise: do not handle the weight, which is great for you, in this case, you do not raise the dumbbells as high as you want. Always start with a warm-up, you must first make a few movements that mimic lifting hand weights through the sides, no weight, then take small dumbbells and work with them, and only then begin serious work.

Alternating deltoid raise steadly to the maximum load average beams deltoid muscle, raise the weight slightly above your shoulders – at this point the peak muscle contraction attributable to them.

Keep your back straight, do not lean too much forward, otherwise you can lose your balance, and to avoid this, start with the whole body to help itself.

If you have any difficulty in mastering the techniques of exercise, try to work in a special block simulator that simulates this exercise. Do it after the basic training shoulders with heavy dumbbells or a barbell, complementing other isolation exercises for Delta – lifting the dumbbells in front of him and in the slope.