In EZ-Bar skullcrusher exercise focuses on the extension of the arms with the use of relatively small weights, which determines the main effects, which are shaping the lower divisions of the triceps, and then increase its size. Here is more intensively work the lateral and median beams, which defines the purpose of application exercises in bodybuilding – the drawing of the muscle fibers, their details and the maximum separation.

Muscles that are being targeted exercise: triceps shoulder (especially their bottom, middle and outer beams)

Auxiliary muscles: elbow muscle.

Technique of EZ-Bar skullcrusher: take the barbell with both hands, firmly obkatyvaem her neck upper grip (palms in the distance own shoulders). Lie on a bench, clinging to her neck, shoulders, gluteus muscles. Firmly pushing the feet into the floor, adopt more sustainable position. The bar is at the top of the fully extended arms.

Avoiding movements in the shoulder joints, slowly lower the grip down and back towards his own forehead, and lock the weight in this position for a few seconds. Make sure that the angle between the forearm and the arm was straight. After a pause, lift the rod to its original position, acting only on the strength of the triceps. After the rod will again be up on straightened arms, without delay lower it again. Breath do when lowering the bar down, exhale when lifting.

A few important notes: do not hold the neck of the reverse grip, it’s dangerous! The bar can slip from your hands and fall on your face. Strive to ensure that there was only one joint is the elbow. Wrist and shoulder joints should be fixed. Avoid too deep lowering the barbell behind your head, otherwise the exercise will remind “pullover”, and instead of triceps you will begin to train the muscles of the chest and back.

Avoid excessive weights, or technique will greatly suffer. It is difficult to hold a heavy load and move it only one force the triceps to work again connects the muscles of the back and the bar will tend to fall for you. Feet are always on the floor and position them on the bench dangerous possible loss of balance and injury.

Follow the EZ-Bar skullcrusher after the main work on the triceps, completing the basic bench press with a barbell or push-UPS on the bars, otherwise you are unlikely to remain in power for heavy training.