Exercise is insulating, aimed at the elaboration of relief heads of the biceps, filling his blood with the aim of “pumping”, and is designed for athletes looking to achieve maximum development and highlight all of the muscle fibers. For weight gain, it is not appropriate in this case it is better to use the bar.

What muscle targeted: biceps shoulder, shoulder muscles, indirectly on the muscles of the forearm.

Simulator for training biceps similar in appearance to the bench Scott, movably attached to its base by the handle, which has the ability to move in a strictly specified amplitude around the axis of rotation. Varieties of this simulator is very much in each room its own, but the meaning of their work is the same.

Technique: sit on the seat, or, if the design of the  Machine Preacher Curls it does not stand beside him, putting his arms on the fence so that it touched the armpits. Of course, the height of the fence in advance of need to adjust based on your height. Grasp the handle of the simulator, slightly bending your elbows, and start to force the biceps to bend the arms, overcoming the weight of the overburden.

Slowly folding his arms a little harder than a right angle, without delay close them down. Downstairs fully straighten your elbows, so you also will  Machine Preacher Curls workout the bottom of the biceps muscle. More focus on the negative phase – velocity lowering the hands should be approximately two times lower than the speed of their recovery. Perform the exercise 10-12 times.

Arms bending in treasures the time of exercise, make sure that hands were tightly pressed against the fence, the elbows were just on it, and not hanging down to remove the unwanted part load with elbow joints.

The body should always be in a comfortable and stable position, and be clearly observed in the Machine Preacher Curls.

The most convenient such a Machine Preacher Curls, which allows you to perform curls standing, but if you train in a sitting position, sit as close as possible to the edge of the bench, because otherwise it will increase the load on the waist, and the exercise will become uncomfortable.

Sequence: at the end of training, as with all the exercises in the gym. Can be combined with heavy work on the biceps, you can run separately from all other exercise, the intensity of work in this case, it is necessary to increase due to a larger number of repetitions and approaches, reduce pauses between them.