EZ-Bar skullcrusher

In EZ-Bar skullcrusher exercise focuses on the extension of the arms with the use of relatively small weights, which determines the main effects, which are shaping the lower divisions of the triceps, and then increase its size. Here is more intensively work the lateral and median beams, which defines the purpose of application exercises in bodybuilding – the drawing of the muscle fibers, their details and the maximum separation. Muscles that

Barbell deadlift

Gorgeous, powerful, and at the same time simple movement that will allow you to build muscle mass and dramatically increase the strength. When executed, operate the muscles of the whole body, and the load on them is extremely high. No other exercise is not able to provide the same incentive for increased strength and volume (except squats with a barbell, of course). Competitive exercise in powerlifting, it is one of

Alternating Deltoid Raise

Alternating deltoid raise load average beams deltoids, and they are responsible for the visual width of the shoulders is the most basic, which makes the figure of sports and athletic. This exercise relates to the isolation, and form a relief and a clear “cut” paths of beams of the deltoid muscle. The main working muscles: middle beams deltoids, supraspinatus muscle. Muscles assistants: trapezius muscle, anterior serratus. Technique: stand with your feet