3/4 Sit-Up

3/4 sit-up – one of the basic exercises for the muscles of the abdominal wall, it will allow to load predominantly upper sections of the rectus abdominis muscle, tone up, work out the contours of its beams. Main muscles: the rectus abdominis muscle Accessory: external and internal obliques Options: the exercise can be done both indoors and at home, lying on the floor, legs you can get for any stop

Barbell full squat

Barbell full squat are one of the best exercises to develop strength in the leg muscles and making them huge amounts. But it is wrong to believe that squats are solely aimed at the elaboration of the hips. This is the basic movement involves more than half of the muscles of the whole body, including legs, back muscles, the press – in order to keep on the back of the bar,

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise Barbell Bench Press contributes to the development of the entire chest muscles, major and minor pectoral muscles and triceps, deltoid muscle and shoulder muscles. On a horizontal bench should go back, tightly Packed buttocks on the bench, feet should be placed on the floor the entire foot – you must grip the top to take the Griffon at a distance slightly wider than shoulders; – then take a deep breath